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Sports Careers Ended by Concussions

By now you should be aware of the increased scrutiny revolving around head injuries in professional sports. Injuries are a part of just about every sport imaginable. Although athletes may be aware of the injury risks before participating, there are a lot of things that go on behind the scenes that may make a player’s decision to continue playing a lot easier. With increased medical research long term health factors are being giving more weight when an athlete is deciding whether or not to end their career. Traumatic brain injuries are a main reason why some of the top NHL...

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Why do sports teams and players hide injuries?

Teams and players alike have incentives to play and win as many games as possible. Incentives built into contracts are prevalent in professional sports, but collegiate athletes also face pressure to perform, be considered a “good teammate,” and to ensure that they remain on scholarship. We hear stories all the time that an athlete has found a way to persevere through a hardship, whether it be health related or a family related issue, and they are recognized for their hard work and determination for the greater good of the team or organization. But what if the short-term success will have...

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