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Slip and Fall – Premises Liability

After automobile accidents, slip and fall claims account for the second most accidents in terms of personal injury law. Foreign substances can end up on the floor, and negligently ignored by the business owner, may cause an individual to fall and injure themselves. Although some injuries may be less severe than those of auto accidents, some may be more severe. We’ve handled claims where slip and falls led to fractures, broken ankles, and even more severe back injuries.

Other ways a business owner may be negligent is by way of premises liability. Although slip and falls fall under this category, there may be other ways a business owner is negligent. These type of claims include being attacked by another due to a lack of security by the business owner, over consumption of alcohol by another patron, or any other form other than slipping and falling in which you could show that your injuries were caused by the negligent actions of the business owner.

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