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Newly Obtained Court Filings Detail Abuse of Painkillers in NFL

The Washington Post was recently able to obtain sealed court filings from a lawsuit filed by former NFL players against the 32 teams of the NFL. Those court filings detailed how the NFL teams and trainers have regularly abused painkillers violating both ethical and legal standards. The filings contain testimony and documentation from former and current team doctors and trainers detailing instances where they were aware of abuses, record keeping issues and even violations of federal law and little or no response was given. This indicates a flagrant violation by NFL teams to accord with best practices and federal controlled substance laws. There was...

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Why Doesn’t Anyone Ask if OJ Simpson Has CTE?

Zach Needell Law Clerk, The Law Office of Luis Cartaya, PA Juris Doctor Candidate, Emory University School of Law; 2018 Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) is a degenerative disease of the brain developed as a result of repeated head trauma that can only be diagnosed after death. Its symptoms usually start to appear about 8-10 years after trauma and include, but are not limited to, memory loss, dementia, suicidal tendencies, and anti-social or erratic behavior. As a fan of American sports, it’s impossible to ignore. It’s everywhere. From ESPN to major motion pictures, CTE, its effects, and who’s to blame for its coverup have...

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Why We Represent Players

Zach Needell Law Clerk,The Law Office of Luis Cartaya, PA Juris Doctor, Emory University School of Law; 2018 Working for The Law Office of Luis Cartaya, PA . in Boca Raton, FL, a law firm working on behalf of individual retired NFL players in the NFL Concussion Class Action Settlement, you see firsthand what repeated concussions and other head injuries can do to athletes; it’s scary. These men, some younger than thirty years old, have endured significant brain trauma and are already experiencing the effects of those injuries: memory loss, irritability, balance issues, light and sound sensitivity, migraines, anti-social or violent behavior, depression, and...

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The Cost of a Concussion

The NFL's concussion settlement has brought a lot of attention to the issue of concussions in the NFL. More than ever players past and present are thinking about the risks associated with head injuries and how they may be affected. It's now known that repeated concussions can lead to diseases related to traumatic brain injury. Early dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, ALS, and CTE are all degenerative brain diseases that can result from multiple concussions over the course of an NFL career. From a medical and personal standpoint these diseases are costly because they can result in memory loss, confusion, loss of impulse control, muscular...

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Why Every Retired NFL Player Should Get Examined

Retired NFL players are probably well aware of the NFL concussion settlement. What many former players may now be deliberating is whether or not to get tested for brain damage arising from concussions in the NFL. Some retired players may not show any symptoms or may not understand the process for getting tested. Despite those concerns, we recommend that if you played in the NFL for any amount of time you should get a neurological examination. Even if you don't show symptoms of early dementia, getting examined now is one of the most important things you can do. Why? Well, there are a...

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