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Legal Technology Assists Law Firms

Keeping client data secured and protected is a top priority for us at The Law Office of Luis Cartaya, PA  Security is becoming a major concern with the industry shifting toward digital workflows and leveraging legal technology. With the staggering costs of data breaches, firms that do not have measures like disaster recovery plans or certified network security in place to protect their data put themselves at risk. The first thing to know about the risks of a data breach is that organizations are always at a high-risk. There is always an element of inevitability when it comes to a data breach, because in the digital age we live in data is always at risk. Valuable legal technology is built with the understanding of meeting specific security requirements so firms can protect their clients’ data appropriately. It’s up to businesses, or law firms like The Law Office of Luis Cartaya, PA , to take the responsibility of making sure that they are implementing the appropriate measures to prevent a breach from ever happening.  While there is the element of inevitability, the severity of a breach is something that can and should be prevented with the proper measures in place.

Assuring our Clients That Their Data is Protected

Mobile technologies like laptops and tablets, as well as software like the cloud and virtual private network capabilities have given attorneys the ability to be connected to their home base of operations without being at a desk or cubicle. When you think of the most effective law firms, technology isn’t commonly the first credited component of success, however the most impactful lawyers in today’s digital era are early adopters of technology. We feel it’s very important for our clients and any potential clients to be at ease with their valuable information being stored and protected from the numerous technological risks faced daily. All The Law Office of Luis Cartaya, PA  clients can be assured that their data is accessed only by those permitted to do so. In a field driven by data discovery, complex processes, and managing massive amounts of confidential information the need for secure storage, organization and security are pivotal to establishing a trusted law firm.

Ongoing Technology Training

Technology is as essential to law practice as are case law and legal briefs. A lawyer cannot competently perform legal work or represent clients without at least a basic understanding of common technologies. If lawyers are to receive ongoing training in minimum standards of practice, then it is a no brainer that such training must include technology. Florida is the only state to have mandated technology CLE (continuing legal education). Florida’s mandate also includes technology training. Too many lawyers are fearful of technology to do this on their own, so we feel it will only help other attorneys and clients feel at ease when dealing with highly secured information. Basic training in technology will help lawyers get over their fears and acquire at least a minimal level of technology competence.


An experienced attorney at The Law Office of Luis Cartaya, PA will help you understand the benefits of using our secured network so contact us anytime to discuss your options.

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